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Welcome to the PTBA blog!

Greetings to all of our members, and beyond. This is the first of many posts to come your way from this here blog, and we’re very excited to get it kicked off.

Since the board elections last month, we’ve been busy behind the scenes discussing the best ways to serve you. Please understand that since our fourteen board members span the globe (and are often in sketchy wi-fi situations), there are certain challenges we face as an association, but we have been working through them and are picking up steam. This blog is just one of the many initiatives that we are working on, and you can expect to hear more from us soon.

Besides updates on what the PTBA has going on, you can expect to find weekly posts that will include such topics as:

  • How to be a better blogger
  • How to make a (better) living as a blogger
  • Ethics of blogging

You’ll hear from both bloggers and industry, inside travel and out. We’re also going to scour the web for the latest in all things blogging and social media to bring you a monthly round-up of advice and news. And if you were unable to attend either TBEX or TBU, first up we’ve got some recent speakers who are turning over their great speeches into actionable advice for the readers here.

Got anything you’d like to see in particular? Bring your ideas to myself (@HeckticTravels) or Laurel Robbins (@Laurel_Robbins).

Don’t forget to add us to your RSS reader  (hope you’ve all found a replacement for the dying Google-y version), and follow along on twitter for all our updates (@PTBAssoc).

Thanks for being here, and we’ll have more to bring you soon.

~ Dalene Heck

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