PTBA Reboot Announcement And Sale:

The PTBA is changing course. After several years of debate and discussion over what benefits the PTBA should provide to members and how it should provide them, we have finally come up with a clear, detailed plan. We’re calling it the PTBA Reboot and along with it we’re holding a massive membership sale from March 6 to April 30.

The video and blog below summarize the plan. For a complete, detailed explanation download our 2017 Annual Report here.



Reboot Summary

If you’re not interested in watching the whole video or reading the report, here’s the summary. The PTBA is making a major change in its focus and operations as outlined in the 2017 Annual Report by:

    • Hiring more staff and contracting out more work
    • Providing personal help to industry members to reach out to influencer members for collaborations
    • Promoting best practices, such as outreach etiquitte, proper campaign planning, clear agreements with influencers, fair payment, and proper reporting of KPIs.
    • Publishing studies about our industry that nobody else does, such as surveys of services influencers are offering, services industry are buying, pay rates, and common challenges faced by influencers and industry when collaborating.
    • Publishing resources unique to our industry, such as our travel conference calendar, a database of DMOs, examples of outstanding media kits, and a database of outlets seeking travel writing and photography.
    • Actively seeking exclusive and preferred access to industry conferences and events through partnerships (we have more partners than you may think)
    • Continuing to expand our list of discounted and free software, apps, and tools for members
    • Offering downloadable, printable PTBA Press Cards
    • Adding topic experts in areas such as SEO, affiliate sales, photography, and more to our Facebook Group who can be tagged by members when asking questions to ensure they will get professional, trustworthy advice.

The PTBA Reboot Sale

To celebrate the PTBA Reboot and build momentum as we move in this new direction, the PTBA is holding a membership sale for influencers. Here are the details.

  • New members will receive a two-year membership for the price of one
  • Existing members will have their membership extended 1 year for free
  • The sale will be announced March 6, during the opening day of ITB Berlin
  • The sale sale will end April 30, the day before the 2018 PTBA elections so that all of the new members will be able to vote for the next board

The 2018 PTBA Election will begin on May 1st.

This is our attempt to turn the PTBA into the organization that we believe can not only be the most useful to our industry, but also that can be sustainably run properly using a model similar to other industry organizations.

If you’re unsure about this plan or would like to know more about it, it is described in detail in the 2017 PTBA Annual Report.

If you like this vision, please support us by signing up now , by sharing this announcement on social media, and by encouraging your friends and colleagues to join us.

We hope to see in the PTBA community soon.