Search Engine Explanation:



The search engine contained on the PTBA website and only available to members is the most vibrant and comprehensive tool to find excellent travel bloggers all over the world available today. And it is only available to members of the PTBA.

Here is the list of information that can be searched:

  • Unique visitors in the last 30 days, 90 days and 1 year (via Google Analytics)
  • Page views in the last 30 days, 90 days and 1 year (via Google Analytics)
  • Twitter followers
  • Facebook Fan Page fans
  • LinkedIn connections
  • Google+ circle connections
  • YouTube subscribers
  • Pinterest followers
  • Klout score
  • PeerIndex score
  • Kred score
  • Blog’s language or languages (self-reported)
  • RSS subscribers (self-reported)
  • Newsletter subscribers (self-reported)
  • Bloggers can also identify up to 4 niches for their blog (self-reported)
  • Bloggers can identify their current location (self-reported) and
  • also where they plan to be in the next six months (self-reported)

All of those fields, except the last six self-reported ones, will be directly reported from the source (e.g. Facebook or Google Analytics) to our website. That means that you have 100% certainty that the numbers are accurate. Each of those numbers will be automatically updated weekly.

The searches can combine any of the above listed fields. If you are looking for bloggers that are already in Europe (to save costs on transportation), that have over 10k monthly pageviews, more than 3k Twitter followers, and blog in Spanish — you will get a list back of bloggers starting with those  that meet all four criteria you are searching for, then a list that meet three of the four criteria, then a list that meet two of four criteria.

You can then click through to any of their profiles to further explore them or contact them via email to start exploring the possibilities of working with them.

Travel bloggers are free to report as much, or as little, information as they want. There is no obligation for any travel blogging member to fill out any field that they don’t wish to be reported.


The full search engine is available to all Industry/PR members, so they can have the most information available anywhere, in order to find travel bloggers to work with that meet their needs. Travel blogging members will also be able to access the search engine, in order find fellow bloggers they might want to work with on projects or just to discover, but the blogging search will be limited so that the non-publicly available information (Google Analytics stats, RSS subscribers and newsletter subscribers) will not be searchable. That information will also not be available to view on the travel blogger’s profile, except by Industry/PR members.