PTBA Industry Member Spotlight: On Location Tours

In the PTBA Industry Member Spotlight this month is On Location Tours. We spoke with Lauren Nicholson about the company, and how it’s using the PTBA search engine to connect with bloggers.

PTBA -- On Location Tours -- New York Movie Tours Bus

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business.

I’m Lauren, the Digital Marketing Manager for On Location Tours. Working closely with travel bloggers has inspired me to explore new places. Most recently, I traveled to Iceland – it was an incredible experience! At On Location Tours, we run TV & movie location sightseeing tours in New York City and Boston. Our bus tours and walking tours offer a great way for visitors to explore the city while connecting to the famous places they’ve seen in their favorite TV shows and movies. Current tours include the New York TV & Movie Sites Tour, Sex & the City Hotspots Tour, TMZ Tour NYC, TCM Classic Film Tour, Gossip Girl Sites Tour, Sopranos Sites Tour, Central Park TV & Movie Sites Tour, Boston TV & Movie Sites Tour, and Boston Movie Mile Tour.

2. Have you ever worked with bloggers before, and what was your experience?

Yes, I really enjoy working with bloggers. They are passionate about what they do, so it’s fun for me to work with them while also getting to know them on a more personal level. Bloggers write from the heart, which can be really inspiring. When a blogger joins us on a tour and writes a stellar review of his/her experience, it means the world to us. There’s nothing better than an honest, positive review.

PTBA -- On Location Tours -- Happy customers

3. How did you hear about the PTBA?

I found PTBA through Twitter in 2014.

4. What benefits did the PTBA offer that made you want to join?

I really enjoy having the ability to search bloggers by their location and niche. It’s also useful to have access to a blogger’s analytics and social media information. 

5. What were your impressions of the search engine?

The PTBA search engine is easy to use and convenient. Overall, it’s a great tool to connect with travel bloggers who fit your criteria.

6. What do you want to get from your membership of the PTBA?

As a member of PTBA, I want to make meaningful connections with bloggers who are interested in experiencing our tours. We’re hoping our presence on PTBA will increase exposure and interest in our company.

On Location Tours -- Boston

7. Would you recommend joining the PTBA to bloggers or industry – and why?

Yes, I would recommend both bloggers and industry join PTBA.  It’s a great tool for connecting people in the travel industry. PTBA offers a win-win situation for both parties.

8. What would you like to see the PTBA offering it’s members?

From the industry side, I’d like to be able to sign up for email updates on when a blogger is planning to travel our way. That would allow me to reach out to them and offer our services/experience during their planning process. Local in-person networking events would be fun too. 

If you’re a PR Firm or Travel Industry Company interested in joining the Professional Travel Bloggers Association, check out these benefits of PTBA membership. You can even get a 30-day free trial to test it out. 

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