PTBA Industry Member Spotlight: Haka Tours New Zealand

In the PTBA Industry Member Spotlight this month is Haka Tours New Zealand. We spoke with Jitendra Patel about the company, and how it’s using the PTBA search engine to connect with bloggers. 

Haka Tours New Zealand

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business.

I’m Jitendra the digital sales and marketing manager here at Haka Tours New Zealand. Haka Tours is a 100% NZ owned business that runs adventure and snow tours of NZ.  Our key points of difference are:

  • We run small group tours – we restrict the number of guests to 16 per tour.
  • Tours include all the essentials – transport, accommodation, breakfast, and a wicked Kiwi guide.
  • We allow guests to customise their tour by purchasing activities  – jet boating, dolphin swimming etc.

Customers do this on our website as they ‘build’ their tour. While it’s a cliché, we really do get off the beaten track – the small group size allows us to do that.

While I could keep writing, the best way to understand what we are about is to watch our facebook video , and then like our page. 🙂

PTBA Industry Member -- Haka Tours New Zealand
2. Have you ever worked with bloggers before, and what was your experience?

We have worked with travel bloggers and mainstream media outlets in the past.  The experience has generally been good, and we’ve seen a positive impact on our business.  We have a significant focus on digital marketing, so working with bloggers has exposed us to some useful ideas for our own marketing.

Working with more bloggers is a now key part of our marketing plan – and this is ultimately a reflection on the bloggers we’ve worked with to date.

3. How did you hear about the PTBA?

I googled for lists of travel bloggers.

4. What benefits did the PTBA offer that made you want to join?

Access to the search engine – finding bloggers is difficult, so this was a huge attraction.

5. What were your impressions of the search engine?

Great – but it would be even better if everyone’s stats were displayed/updated automatically.

The feature that allows us to search on where bloggers will be in 6 months is very useful, as often we can be on touch with bloggers well before they get here.

6. What do you want to get from your membership of the PTBA?

Working with Travel Bloggers is an important part of our strategy, and it’s good to understand the various challenges faced by bloggers.  Using the membership to both showcase who we are, as well as finding new bloggers is likewise an obvious benefit.

7. Would you recommend  joining the PTBA to bloggers or industry – and why?

Yes I would.
Bloggers – it makes it easier to find you!
Industry members – It makes it easier to find bloggers!

8. What would you like to see the PTBA offering its members?

An email alert system would be great – if someone indicated they are going to be in NZ or are seeking NZ businesses to partner with.

Case studies that showcase successful partnerships between bloggers and businesses would be beneficial to everyone.

If you’re a PR Firm or Travel Industry Company interested in joining the Professional Travel Bloggers Association, check out these benefits of PTBA membership. You can even get a 30-day free trial to test it out. 

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