PTBA Board Members:

Meet your Board of Directors

If you have any ideas or opportunities that you would like the board to consider, just get in touch via e-mail, [email protected] We can’t stress enough how the success of the association depends on our ability to spread the word.

President – Janicke Hansen

Janicke is a Norwegian based Digital Storyteller, Travel Expert, Organizer, and Speaker. She’s the founder and owner of the adventure travel blog and runs the Nordic Travel Influencer Collective as one of the co-founders. Janicke is an expert in creating, organize, monitor and measure successful influencer driven marketing campaigns for destinations and travel brands.

President Elect – David Stock

David Stock is a professional videographer, travel writer and public speaker with 16 years of experience in sales and marketing. He has been exploring the world since 2001 to more than 85 countries on 6 continents and has worked with a multitude of travel brands and tourism boards worldwide since starting with his wife, Lina, in early 2013. Together they produce award-winning content, earning 11 awards in photography and writing from notable organizations, such as SATW and NATJA. David is a brand ambassador for Allianz Travel Insurance, Duluth Trading Company, Tailwind, and G Adventures.

Outgoing President – Amanda Ponzio Mouttaki

Amanda Ponzio Mouttaki is the publisher of and owner of the culinary tourism company Marrakech Food Tours. She has a BA in International Relations and an MBA in Project Management. Amanda currently lives in Marrakech, Morocco with her husband and two children.  She aims to inspire people to travel through food exploration and not be afraid of new experiences. Along with writing her website and running her company, she also is a freelance writer and speaker.

Secretary – Mike Shubic

Mike has been a professional travel video blogger since early 2010, he is the publisher of and has worked with the Travel Channel, USA Today and Travel+Escape. He is currently a travel ambassador for Travelocity and Allianz Travel where he produces both written and video content. Mike is also an award-winning video content creator, recently winning the NATJA annual award for best travel video. He is also a public speaker at travel conferences and has worked with dozens and dozens of destinations, hotels and brands over the years.

Treasurer – Karen Edwards

Karen Edwards, a nurse by background fell into the world of blogging during maternity leave with her first child. A travel enthusiast her entire life, she did not want to give up on the lifestyle of exploring, adventuring and experiencing to stay at home with baby. Karen wanted her children to be a reflection of their parents and so has been on a mission to impart the passion for travelling by taking them along since they were born. Taking a gap year during maternity leave when both of her children were born, the family have travelled extensively through six continents on the road less travelled. She specialises in writing destination guides for young families on places you wouldn’t think of taking little ones. Machu Picchu, the Bolivian Salt Flats and the South African outback to name a few of the 40+ countries her toddlers have visited. Karen always loved travelling and was looking for a creative outlet whilst on a career break. The blog ‘Travel Mad Mum’ was created as a way of keeping worried grandparents up to date on the movements of their newborn grandchildren. It was never supposed to evolve into something quite so successful. Three years on, 170k social media followers later and thousands of monthly page views, the blog has become a career for both Karen and her husband. Karen is very excited to support and contribute to the PTBA community further in the coming year.

Europe Board Member – Dave Brett

Dave Brett is a UK solo adventure travel blogger over at With a mission to travel the world, one adventure at a time, capturing every moment through writing, video and photography on his travels around the world. Always up for a fun challenge to discover new adventures through enjoying the great outdoors and the surrounding nature. Favourite outdoor activities include camping, hiking, canoeing, skiing and most importantly eating new and exciting local dishes along the way. A journey isn’t complete unless you make time to connect with the local culture and people along your route.

Europe Board Member – Marysia Maciocha

Marysia Maciocha is a traveler by heart, queen of colour, jet-setter and wild spirit at once. She dedicates her time and energy to unconventional exploring the world in search of amazing people, unique places and immersing stories. A crazy Polish Girl who travels the world, Marysia is passionately chasing her dreams and ticking off her awfully long Bucket List. Blogger, writer, conference speaker. A total chatterbox, a slight OCD, a non-smoker. Her website is My Travel Affairs.

North America Board Member – Jazmin Harb

Jazmin was born and raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador. She graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a dual degree in Marketing and Human Resources and a certificate in Digital Media. In 2016 she received a Masters in Visual and Digital Media at IE University in Madrid, Spain.

Jazmin works in digital marketing, social media management and as a marketing consultant. Her favorite part of traveling is actually the planning, making sure we can take advantage of every second, through long layovers or spur of the moment day trips. Today, she works full time on her website,

North America Board Member – Eric Stoen

Eric Stoen is a writer and photographer specializing in family travel, based in California. He’s traveled with his three kids (ages 8, 11 and 12) to 54 countries on 7 continents. Every year each of his kids gets to choose any destination in the world (literally) for a one-on-one trip. In 2012 he won Conde Nast Traveler’s Photo of the Year award, and in 2017 Forbes named him the World’s 4th Most Influential Traveler. Eric is a brand ambassador for Travelocity, AFAR Magazine and Universal Orlando, and has recently partnered with Capital One, Discovery Channel, MasterCard, Panasonic, TripAdvisor, Westin, Lonely Planet Kids, Visit Montana and Travel Wisconsin, among others.

Rest of the World Board Member – Claudia Tavani

Claudia Tavani is the blogger behind My Adventures Across The World. She is a former human rights lawyer and academic who abandoned her career to follow a life of travels. Claudia has worked with a variety of brands and tourism boards and participated in many successful campaigns. When she’s not busy exploring the world, Claudia lives in her hometown Cagliari, Sardinia.

Rest of the World Board Member – Ben Salt

Ben Salt is an adventure traveller and digital storyteller who promotes causes that matter. After completing a chemistry doctorate, Ben did the next obvious thing: he set out to explore the world. He has worked for grassroots NGOs in Latin America and Asia, advocates sustainable tourism and development, and has contributed to a variety of articles and publications, from his website Unbounded Earth to the BBC.

Ben is also a digital marketing consultant and co-founder of the media agency Upthink. His primary focus is helping ethical travel companies exponentially expand their outreach on social media. He has hosted workshops and discussions on inbound marketing, and heads a responsible tourism community that brings together aligned bloggers and travel organisations.

Rest of the World Board Member – Robson Cadore

Blogger, photographer and triathlete, Rob fused his passion for travelling and for sports with his 15 years of international business background to create Love and Road, an inspiring travel blog. He has been traveling across the globe for the past 3 years with his wife Natalie Deduck, sharing great information and stunning photos to help people travel more.

His business orientation was the key for Love and Road’s success. His professional approach to the blogging industry secured business contracts, traveling opportunities and projects to work with relevant international brands.

Rest of the World Board Member – Bob Bales

Bob is a History buff, cigar lover and enthusiast of different cultures and places advocating”traveling off the tourist path”. Finding those places where most tourists never see that might be right around the corner from the famous tourist locations. Being retired military he  has been lucky enough to live and travel to over 30 countries and what he writes about comes from experience, research and a strange curiosity of people, places and cultures. Bob is the founder and editor of the blog The Traveling Fool.

At Large Board Member – Ethan Gebler

Ethan Gebler is the founder of The Travel Word, a website he founded in 2009 that showcases responsible, sustainable and local travel. He is also the co-founder of Outbounding, a community-powered platform for identifying, celebrating and distributing excellent travel content, and co-organizer of the New York Travel Festival, an immersive event (now entering its fourth year).

His written work, including as a Lonely Planet author, AFAR Ambassador and Huffington Post blogger, has appeared (credited and uncredited) in dozens of magazines and websites. Adventures Less Ordinary: How to Travel and Do Good, an anthology he commissioned and edited about volunteer and philanthropic travel, was released this year by Horizon Travel Press.

At Large Board Member – Tim Leffel

Tim Leffel is the author of five travel books, the editor of several websites, and a frequent award winner for his travel stories. He has been running the Cheapest Destinations Blog since 2003 and Perceptive Travel online magazine and blog since 2006. In his younger days he was a music biz exec, a round-the-world vagabond, an ESL teacher, and a business book ghostwriter. He is currently working harder than usual to put his aspiring media fiction writer daughter through college and serves as North America Conference Director for TBEX.


Assistant – Caroline Eubanks

Caroline Eubanks is a freelance writer and travel blogger from Atlanta, Georgia. She’s been published by National Geographic Traveler, AFAR and BBC Travel, as well as the author of This Is My South: The Essential Travel Guide to the Southern States. She’s a former board member of the PTBA and is also a member of the Society of American Travel Writers and the Author’s Guild. She runs the blogs Caroline in the City and This Is My South.

Historical board positions:

Year 1: 2013 – 2014

President: Michael Hodson
President Elect: Craig Martin
Secretary: Travis Ball
Treasurer: Ayngelina Brogan
At Large: Daniel Noll, Dalene Heck, Shannon O’Donnell, Kate McCulley
North America: Dave Bouskill, Jen Miner
Europe: Laurel Robbins, Laurence Norah
Rest of World: Cole Burmeister, Juno Kim

Year 2: 2014-2015

President: Craig Martin
President Elect: Laurence Norah
Secretary: Lisa Goodmurphy
Treasurer: Thomas Dowson
At large: Travis Ball, Fiona Harper, Matt Gibson, Raymond Walsh
North America: Katie Aune, Matt Long,
Europe: Katja Presnal, Janicke Hansen
Rest of world: Anton Diaz, Juno Kim

Year 3: 2015-2016

President: Laurence Norah
President Elect: Matt Gibson
Secretary: Caroline Eubanks
Treasurer: Jessica Norah
At large: Travis Ball, Kate McCulley
North America: Stephanie Yoder, Matt Long
Europe: Michael Turtle, Janicke Hansen
Rest of world: Ian Ord, Erin Bender, Anton Diaz, Amanda Williams

Year 4: 2016-2017

Year 5: 2017-2018

President: Amanda Ponzio Mouttaki

President Elect: Janicke Hansen

Outgoing President: Matt Gibson

Secretary: Ric Gazarian

Treasurer: Nora Dunn

Europe: Margherita Ragg, Marysia Maciocha

North America: Eric Stoen, Brad Bernard

Rest of the World: Raphael Alexander Zoren, Ben Salt, Robson Cadore, Claudia Tavani

At Large: Caroline Eubanks, Amber Hoffman