Why Using Traffic As A KPI Is Hurting Influencer Marketing Campaigns

By Matt Gibson Traffic is a terrible indicator of potential readership for a specific article. Its use for that purpose probably wastes millions of PR and marketing dollars each year.

Running Your Own Travel Twitter Chat

By Shane Dallas of The Travel Camel Starting and building a travel Twitter chat is a tremendous way to build your presence on Twitter. But it’s not as easy as it looks. Many chats lose momentum after a while so you need to be dedicated to make it succeed. I’m a founder of The Road […]

8 Questions Brands Should Ask Before Working with Couple Bloggers

Most bloggers work alone and run their own blog, typically traveling solo. They do of course often have a relationship partner and family, but they run their blog and business alone. But there are also a lot of couples travel bloggers out there as well as those traveling as siblings, parent-child duos, friends, or entire […]

What Travel Bloggers REALLY Charge

In an industry as new and secretive as ours it’s hard to gauge what and how travel bloggers charge for services. When you find someone willing to spill the beans it seems to be as different to the last person who gave up the information in a drunken night on a beach in Sri Lanka. In […]

Professional Travel Blogging Is Finally Making Inroads Into Asia

If you spend a lot of time following the travel blogging community it starts to become obvious which countries are paying bloggers to visit and write about them. Suddenly your Twitter and Facebook feeds are flooded with posts from multiple travel bloggers all visiting the same destination for months on end. One of the first […]