The Best Services And Tools For Bloggers

By Matt Gibson I was recommending my favorite blog theme companies and host providers to a blogger who had asked for advice in a Facebook group today, when I realized two things: A lot of people need good advice about stuff like that A lot of people on Facebook give terrible advice I give advice that’s […]

How I Cleaned Up All The Links And Redirects On My 10-Year-Old Blog

By Gary Arndt of Everything Everywhere After days of staring at a computer screen, I’m mostly done with fixing all of the redirects and links on my website. I literally had to fix thousands of redirects and links and fixed almost all of them by hand. Here is a good outline of the problem in […]

5 Money Making Techniques For Your Blog

Sometimes it seems like a far off dream. But let me reassure you there are plenty of people making money on their blogs. And here are 5 suggestions for you to make your move towards running your blog as a business. These methods are not based on AdSense or affiliate programs where you require hundreds […]

5 Places To Find A Press Trip

If you are a travel blogger, chances are at some stage in your career you will be looking for a “comp” or group press trip.   But before you start looking for a press trip, let’s figure out what we mean by press trip for the purposes of this article.   What is a press […]

Making the Most of Twitter Chats

If you want to improve your presence and engagement on Twitter, there is no better way than being involved in Twitter chats. What is a Twitter chat? A Twitter chat is an online event that discusses a theme such as adventure, luxury, culture or food. Hosts ask questions by using Q1, Q2 and Q3 and […]