Working with PR

This is an era when more and more people live a nomadic lifestyle and call themselves “digital nomads.” Digital nomads don’t have a fixed base, and carry their work with them. They may work remotely for a company or independently for their own business. One may or may not like identifying him/herself as a digital […]

Paying Markets for Writing and Photography

For many of us, blogging doesn’t exactly pay the bills, at least not directly. But it is a great way to hone our skills to market elsewhere, whether it be writing, social media, or photography. Keep in mind that everyone has to start somewhere and it’s not likely you’ll land your first story or photograph […]

Hacks to Eliminate Bad Blog Posts

Let’s leave out the blogger versus journalist debate. It’s about as tired as the tourist versus traveler debate. But even if you don’t have a fancy degree from J-School or English isn’t your first language, there’s no excuse for poorly written blog posts. Not only is it painful for your readers, but it doesn’t look […]

How Working Locally Benefits Bloggers


Six Considerations When Picking A Travel Camera for Blogging

As a travel blogger, I’d argue that one of your most important pieces of equipment is your camera. Images are a powerful tool for getting your story across to your viewer, and it should definitely be a bit of kit that you are comfortable using to get the photos you need. There are a wide […]