Nominations Open for the PTBA Board of Directors


Nominations are now open for positions on the PTBA Board of Directors for 2014 and 2015.
Here is a brief overview of the the openings and the process.

You can nominate yourself or any other current PTBA member to election for these positions. Any member can serve on any of the three Officer positions open for nomination/election this year (President Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer). For the Board positions, there are some geographic requirements to be eligible and those will be discussed below.

The nomination period is open from February 24th, 2014 to March 20th, 2014. Once nominations are closed, we will be getting in touch with each of the nominated members to insure they are willing and able to accept the responsibilities of their office, if they are elected. The election procedure will be explained to the membership more in full at that time.

The PTBA Officer positions that are open for nominations/election for the one-year term that begins on April 1st, 2014 are Secretary and Treasurer. The Secretary is responsible primarily for keeping the records of the Board meetings, organizing up the content on the PTBA blog, Twitter account, and Facebook page, and newsletters, and working with the Treasurer to make sure the membership rolls are accurate for both blogging members and industry members. The Treasurer is primarily responsible for all financial issues, including bank accounts, for the PTBA, but also is responsible for making sure new members meet the initial minimum requirements for entry and that they are properly allowed entry to the FB page and are put on the newsletter lists.

The other officer position that is open for nomination/election this year is President Elect. The President Elect serves the next year on the Board of Directors as a voting member, but does not assume the responsibilities of the Presidency until April 2015, when they will be taking over from Craig Martin, our current President Elect. The reason the original founders of the PTBA set things up this way was so the President would have a year to observe and help the workings of the Board of Directors before assuming office, so there will be greater continuity and less learning-on-the-job time for that important role. After serving the year as President, that person also serves one year on the Board as Immediate Past President, so essentially running for that office is making a three-year commitment. The President Elect can safely assume that Craig will be actively integrating them into the work responsibilities of the Board during their year as President Elect and that it will not merely be an observational role.

Each of the Officer positions are jobs with regular work obligations. If someone cannot devote 5-10 hours a week to do the work that comes along with each of those positions, it is not advisable to run for any of those positions.

The following positions on the Board of Directors are open for nomination/election this year: North American Board member (two open slots). One of the slots will be a one-year term, one will be a two-year term, to insure a staggered Board as the Bylaws mandate. European Board member (one open slot). The winner of this position will serve a two-year term, the first year alongside Laurence Noah, the European Board member from last year that is serving the rest of his two-year term. Rest of World member (one open slot). The winner of this position will serve a two-year term, the first year alongside Juno Kim, the Rest of World Board member from last year that is serving the rest of her two-year term. At-Large Board members (three needed). One of the slots will be a one-year term, two will be a two-year terms, to insure a staggered Board as the Bylaws mandate.

For the North American, European, and Rest of the World positions, the Bylaws are generally flexible on what is considered to “be from” those regions and be eligible for those positions. You can either originally be from there or consider yourself from there as a result of your current living situation — either is fine. The At-Large positions are obviously open to anyone.

The nomination form is located at: It is mandatory to fill in the contact information identifying who you are, as only PTBA members are eligible to nominate someone. Again, you can nominate someone else or yourself for any of the positions. Once nominations are closed we will contact everyone nominated to (1) insure they wish to run for office and (2) have them select which position they wish to run for, if they are nominated for multiple positions.

Thank you,

Michael Hodson

Current PTBA President

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  1. March 21, 2014 at 1:23 am #

    Nominations are now closed, and we have a great list of candidates. Thanks to everyone who made nominations.

    We’re currently in the process of checking the legitimacy of nominations and nominees. Once this process is finished, we’ll be in touch with those nominated to confirm the ballot.

    More information will soon be available by email for all members.

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