Making the Most of Twitter Chats

If you want to improve your presence and engagement on Twitter, there is no better way than being involved in Twitter chats.

What is a Twitter chat? A Twitter chat is an online event that discusses a theme such as adventure, luxury, culture or food. Hosts ask questions by using Q1, Q2 and Q3 and so forth, meaning question 1, question 2 and question 3, and people around the world answer by using A1, A2, and A3 and so forth, meaning answer 1, answer 2 and answer 3. Participants include the relevant chat’s hashtag so that others in the chat can see their tweets. Twitter Chats usually last for one hour, though some only go for 30 minutes. Most chats are held weekly, though others are held monthly and some even less frequently.

Twitter chats enable you to reach your target audience easily. Within the Twitter Chat of your choice, you will find a ready audience for your content – and you are more likely to receive a reply or a retweet as a result. As is usual with Twitter, a tweet with photos is better than a tweet with no photos, so make use of your best photos during a chat.

Not sure what to say on a chat? Easy, just respond to someone else’s tweet – did you like their answer and/or their photo? Please let them know. Another way to get noticed is to reply directly to one of the hosts with your answer. Some chats are so busy that it is easy to miss the questions. To solve this, keep a window open with the account of one of the hosts.

It’s important to note that just dropping a link with the relevant hashtag during the period of the Twitter chat does not benefit you. To achieve the reach and engagement you want from a Twitter chat, you need to actively participate in the conversation.

There are dozens of Twitter chats out there, but here are the busiest.

#TTOT (Travel Talk on Twitter)

Tuesday 09:30 UTC, 1 hour, 5 questions
One of the oldest travel Twitter chats that holds two sessions every Tuesday. The best session is the one held at 09:30 UTC, rather than the one at 21:30 UTC. Has a vast array of topics and is known for its large online community.

#TRLT (The Road Less Travelled)

Tuesday 13:00 US ET/EDT, 1 hour, 5 questions
The largest travel Twitter chat based outside of North America. This highly engaged chat focuses on destinations away from the usual travel routes, such as Africa, Middle East, Asia and Central America. One of the top 3 busiest weekly travel Twitter chats.


Tuesday 14:00 US ET/EDT 1 hour, 8 questions
A stalwart of travel Twitter chats that (obviously) focuses on cruising. This chat tackles the subject of all things cruising better than anyone and has been doing so since 2010. It’s a good way to connect with the cruise industry, who often participate in the chat.


Wednesday 10:00 UK, 1 hour, 6 questions
The only major travel Twitter chat based out of Australia and catering to an audience in Oceania, Asia and Europe. This is a highly engaged and friendly chat that is a great way to introduce yourself to travel Twitter chats.


Wednesday 14:00 US ET/EDT, 1 hour, 7 questions
The biggest and busiest travel Twitter chat out there. Regularly offers large prizes for participants. You may want experience in Twitter chats before diving into this one due to its size, but if you want to connect with a North American audience, this chat is unmatched.


Thursday 14:30 US ET/EDT, 30 minutes, 6 questions
A highly engaged chat that creates a large amount of tweets in a short amount of time. Focuses on the deeper and cultural side of travel. If you don’t have the time for a one hour Twitter chat, this is the best 30 minutes of travel chatting you will find.


Friday 13:00 US ET/EDT, 1 hour, 10 questions
Strongly focus on the North American market, this is one of the top 3 busiest weekly travel Twitter chats. Combing chatting with travel advice and occasionally prizes, this is a chat that has created a loyal community of fans.

If you want to grow your Twitter influence, than take time for travel Twitter chats.


Shane Dallas is a travel photographer and Social Media specialist, and a founder of The Road Less Travelled (#TRLT) travel Twitter chat that commenced in November 2013.








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