Links You Need – July

Every month, we’ll be scouring the web to bring you articles on all things blogging! Watch this space as we highlight new developments and share old tips that are always worthy of repeating.


>> Are you using Facebook hashtags yet? Here’s a great summary of what you need to know about them.


>> How well do you know your fans? It’s actually pretty creepy how much info you can find out online about the people who “like” your page on Facebook. (But still definitely worth a look.)


LinksYouNeed>> We all know some tourism boards that have progressed, but there are many that are struggling with the new information era. This article highlights the five main changes that are causing the current model to falter.


>> We ALL need to read this article. You’re lying if you say you don’t.


>> First, read this (if you’ve already read it, then you should still probably read it again) and then move onto this article from a storyboard artist at one of the best storytellers in the world, Pixar. While many are directed at writing fiction, there are plenty of suggestions that we all can use.


>> Are you a Vine-r? Any thoughts on its survival now that Instagram videos are all the rage? Check out this chart to see which has the upper hand via shares on Twitter.


>> At TBEX last month, Dave Bouskill predicted that in the next year, Google + will overtake Facebook in popularity. This study says that it will take until February of 2016. What do you believe?


>> In case you missed it earlier (sign up for the PTBA RSS feed so that you don’t miss a thing!), Katy from Intrepid Travel wrote some fantastic tips on how industry and bloggers can live happily ever after.

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