Links You Need – September

Every month, we’ll be scouring the web to bring you articles on all things blogging! Watch this space as we highlight new developments and share old tips that are always worthy of repeating.


Some great free tools for tracking social shares in this post, including this tool which has now made its way to my bookmarks.


Facebook giveth and Facebook taketh – another recent adjustment to their algorithm means your posts are being seen by less people again (although “bumping” is said to help), but Facebook has also relaxed their rules for contests.


It’s not everyone’s favorite topic, but y’all need to eat some SEO cheerios every once in awhile. Here are a whole bunch of resources to help you do that.


We have ALL been there. Key takeaway: “Run your own race.”


Just in case you needed one more tool to be able to adequately express your feelings, gets more expressive.


Vine is hanging on (and growing!), despite Instagram’s venture into video, but face a bigger challenge as their users are flocking to a new platform. Have you been “Pheed“ing yet?


And in case you missed these earlier on our blog, check out these helpful posts by our PTBA members:



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