Links You Need – October

Every month, we’ll be scouring the web to bring you articles on all things blogging! Watch this space as we highlight new developments and share old tips that are always worthy of repeating.

-Did you get hit with a Google penalty? Hopefully not, but if you did this article provides a step-by-step case study of how to get it removed.  Hint:  It will likely take a lot of work.

– Most bloggers, myself included wouldn’t consider themselves “dumb” but the author of this article disagrees. Fortunately he also shares tips on how to become “smart”. Despite the controversial title there are some good tips.

– Ever wondered what happened to Travelllll? John O’Nolan explains why it failed and provides a few lessons that travel bloggers would be wise to listen to.

– As a blogger, do you consider yourself to be an entrepreneur?  You should.  Here are 10 quotes to inspire you.

– You likely spend a lot of time on Facebook, but could you be addicted to it?  Norwegian researchers have actually developed a scale to determine just how addicted you are.  Take the quiz here.

– No doubt you are somewhat of an expert on social media, but this infographic is really helpful to show what each type of social media is good at.

-We knew it was coming, but hoped it wouldn’t.  I’m talking about Instagram ads.  Have you noticed them in your news feed yet?

– The PTBA is also pleased to announce our new affiliate program. We want our members to help us to grow and figured that a  good way to help encourage growth would be  to give you the option to earn some money for referring members. The rate is set at 25%, which means that if you get one industry member to sign up – that covers the cost of your membership. A fellow blogger would net you just short of 20USD. It’s all explained on the site – just log into the “my account” section and there is a link at the top to join. It’s open to all members of the PTBA – both industry and blogger, and the referral cookie is valid for 90 days.While you’re in the my account, don’t forget to have a look around and update your profile, so our industry members can find you easily. If you have any questions, let us know on our Facebook page – available to PTBA members only.

Heading to WTM in London this year? Be sure to check out the WTM event program.  Of special interest to bloggers is the blogging stream  put on Travel Bloggers Unite (TBU).


– And in case you missed these earlier on our blog, check out these helpful posts by our PTBA members:


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    The post on TravellllI was super interesting!

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    Thanks, this helped a lot!

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