Industry Trial Account:

Thank you so much for coming to the Professional Travel Bloggers Association (PTBA) website to take a look around, try our blogger search engine, and hopefully join the Association as an Industry/PR member. This page will explain the short steps you need to take to do in order to get access to the travel blogger search engine on a free trial basis.

The PTBA currently consists of over 200 travel blogging members — after only being open for membership since December — and our numbers are expanding around the world. Any travel blogger that has been blogging for more than 9 months and has received more than 3,000 page views in the last month is eligible to join. Right now, the vast majority of our bloggers blog in English, but we are expanding all around the world, to every corner and every language where someone runs a quality travel blog.

Our Blogger Search Engine

The search tool is done through easy drop-down menus. You can conduct as many searches as you want — there is no limitation on the things you can search for. You can also search for as many combinations of criteria as you want, from one item you are looking for up to six or seven or eight.

The results will be given to you in the order of how many of your search criteria are met. So if you are searching for 5 different criteria, the blogs that meet all 5 will appear first, then those that meet 4 of the 5, and so on. From that search result screen you can click on any of those short profiles to be taken to the longer and more full profile for that blog.

There are about 30 different ways you can search for a blog right now and we are expanding those options in the next few months.

So, if you want to search for blogs with more than a certain number of Facebook fans on their Facebook fan page, click on “Facebook” and a select among the options (1,000+ or 2,500+, etc.). Any blog that has more than the number you select will match that criteria in your results.

How Do You Get Access?

To start using our search engine, please submit your name and email address. We’ll send login details here, plus important information about the PTBA.

If you don’t receive a verification email within five minutes, please check your spam folder. After your email is verified, you will receive your temporary username and password.

You will then receive another email with the login and password to the free trial account, so you can test out the search engine. You will have access to the PTBA website until the end of May, at which point you will need to join as an industry member if you would like to continue using our blogger search tool and the other benefits of membership.

Thanks so much for your interest and we hope you enjoy looking around and join the PTBA as an industry member!