Founding Members:

Founding Members of the PTBA

Founding Blogger membership was open to those that have been travel blogging for more than one (1) year, have a self-hosted site, and had more than five-thousand pageviews (5,000) in the preceeding 30 days of joining. Founding Members each paid $150, which represented their Founding Member’s fee and also served as their first year’s dues to the association.

Founding Members will be listed on this page on the website and be able to display a different badge on their website (if they so wish), indicating their Founding Member status. Founding Membership is a sign that the travel blogger was part of the association from the very beginning and also an indication that they made a slightly greater financial contribution to get the association off to a good start.

Founding Membership confers no additional rights or privileges. Founding members do not have any additional voting rights or other heightened status — they are just members of the association, the same as any other blogging member.

That being said, we created this page to thank them for their contributions to getting this project off the ground. So, thank you, very much:

Lola Akinmade Åkerström — Geotraveler’s Niche

Leyla Giray Alyanak — Women on the Road

Amy and Kieron — Don’t Ever Look Back

Anthony Bianco — The Travel Tart

Jiyeon Juno Kim — Runaway Juno

Travis Ball — Flashpacker HQ

Derek Earl Baron — Wandering Earl

Marcelo Barreneche — E Travel Blog

Debbie Beardsly — European Travelista

Alex Berger — Virtual Wayfarer

Audrey Bergner — That Backpacker

Jen Pollack Bianco — My Life’s A Trip

Nicole Blaess-Smith — Bitten By The Travel Bug

Dani Blanchette — Going Nomadic

Melvin Boecher — Traveldudes

Dave & Deb — The PlanetD

Bret — Do It While You’re Young

Ayngelina Brogan — Bacon is Magic

Lori Brown — Expedition Mom

Cole Burmester — Four Jandals

Scott Calafiore & Christy Woodrow —  Ordinary Traveler

Jason Castellani — 2 Backpackers

Ashley Chalmers & Carolyn Godfrey — The Lazy Travelers

Stepan Chizhov — Car, Bike, and Road

James T Clark — Nomadic Notes

Alison Cornford-Matheson — Cheese Web

Heather Cowper — Heather On Her Travels

Dave Dean —  What’s Dave Doing

Torre DeRoche — The Fearful Adventurer

Erin De Santiago — Our Tasty Travels

Jeffery Dobbins — NYCxplorer

Nora Dunn —  The Professional Hobo

Josh & Caroline Eaton — Traveling 9 to 5

Jodi Ettenberg — Legal Nomads

Simon Fairbairn & Erin McNeaney — Never Ending Voyage

Simon Falvo — Wild About Travel

Norbert Figueroa — GloboTreks

Andi Fisher — Misadventures with Andi

Ed Forteau & Jessie Voigts — Wandering Educators

Corbin Fraser — I Backpack Canada

Ali Garland — Ali’s Adventures

Ethan Gelber — The Travel Word

Matt Gibson — Matt Gibson

Rick Griffin — Midlife Road Trip

Leif Harum– Runaway Guide

Pete & Dalene Heck — Hecktic Travels

Andrew Higgs — Grownup Travel Guide

Michael Hodson — Go, See,Write

Samuel Jeffery — Nomadic Samuel

Daniel Jones — The World of Deej

Dick Jordan — Tales Told from the Road

Justin — InACents

Christine Kaaloa — Grrrl Traveler

Randy Kalp and Bethany Salvon — Beers and Beans

Ken Kaminesky — Ken Kaminesky Photography

Sean Keener — BootsnAll

Matthew N Kepnes — Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site

Abigail King — Inside The Travel Lab

Alexandra Kovacova — Crazy, Sexy, Fun Traveler

Shaun & Erica Kuschel — Over Yonderlust

Maria Alexandra Laborde — Latin Abroad

David Lee — Go Backpacking

Gareth Leonard — Tourist2Townie

Lily Leung — Explore For A Year

Matt Long — Landlopers

Rob Lloyd– Stop Having a Boring Life

Lisa Lubin — LLWorld Tour

Rachelle Lucas — The Travel Bite

Caz and Craig Makepeace — YTravel Blog

Craig Martin — Indie Travel Podcast

Leigh McAdam — Hike, Bike, Travel

Kate McCulley — Adventurous Kate

Linda McCormick — Eco Traveller Guide

Sandra McKenna — Midlife Road Trip

Jennifer Miner — The Vacation Gals

Laurence Norah — Finding the Universe

Wes Nations —  Johnny Vagabond

Ian Ord — Where Sidewalks End

Daniel Noll & Audrey Scott — Uncornered Market

Shannon O’Donnell — A Little Adrift

Cailin O’Neil — Travel Yourself

Ted Nelson — Traveling Ted

Eduardo Perez — hombrelobo

Andi Perullo — My Beautiful Adventures

Raul Pino — I Live to Travel

Matt Preston — Travel With A Mate

Anne-Sophie Redisch — Sophie’s World

Ana Silva O’Reilly — Mrs. Around the World

Elin Reitehaug — Taste of Slow

Laurel Robbins — Monkeys & Mountains

Isabel Romano — Diario de a Bordo

Tony Rulli — Landing Standing

Melissa Ruttanai and Neil Friedman– World Winder

Elaine  N. Schoch — Carpe Travel

Scott Shetler — Quirky Travel Guy

Mike Sowden — Fevered Mutterings

Andrea and John Spirov — Inspiring Travelers

Theodora Sutcliffe — Escape Artistes

Tom Summerfield — Active Backpacker

Michael Tieso — Art of Backpacking

Michael Turtle – Time Travel Turtle

Leah Walker — Leah Travels

Candice Walsh — Candice Does The World

Raymond Walsh — Man On The Lam

Johnny Ward — One Step 4ward

Stephen Whale — You’re Not From Around Here, Are You?

Annette White — Bucket List Journey

Stuart Wickes and Kirstie Pelling — Family Adventure Project

Talon Windwalker — 1 Dad, 1 Kid

Jaillan Yehia — Savoir There

Stephanie Yoder — Twenty-Something Travel

Edna Zhou — Expat Edna