Costa Brava Girona Festivals – blog trip opportunity!

PTBA Industry Members Costa Brava Tourism are delighted to announce a festival themed blog trip this August, with two spots reserved exclusively for PTBA members. Details on the trip and information on how to apply have been provided below by Gemma Suñer, of  Costa Brava Tourism.

Girona Ciutat

The Costa Brava and Girona’s Pyrenees is a land of festivals, where worldwide recognised artists share the stage with local and traditional musicians, putting together a wide offer of music concerts for all visitors. #MusicFestivals #InCostaBrava means more than 50 festivals, offering more than 244 concerts of up to 16 music genres in more than 21 different places.

The beautiful beaches and coves of the Costa Brava and the stunning medieval villages of the inland area become the best scenarios for a great variety of concerts. Postcard landscapes like Cadaqués, Calella de Palafrugell or Peralada are great spots worth a visit and during the festivals’ season they are surrounded by music and artists and become the land of unforgettable experiences.

Festival Jardins de Cap Roig. J. Irun. Arxiu d'Imatges PTCBG

The best way to show and promote this initiative is by first hand, and this summer some bloggers will be able to live the experience on their own skin, taking part in the Blogtrip #MusicFestivals #InCostaBrava organised by the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board.

This trip will be held from the 1st until the 7th of August, and it will give the participants the opportunity to not only visit the destination and its touristic attractions, but also to take part in the music festivals both as spectators and from behind the scenes. They will attend internationally renowned festivals such as Festival Castell de Peralada or Cap Roig Festival and those more traditional like Festival Porta Ferrada, celebrating the 52th edition, or Festival Internacional de Música de Cadaqués, in its 43rd edition.

Cadaqués.Maria Geli Pilar Planagumà.Arxiu Imatges PTCBG (Medium)

The selected bloggers will be travelling to Girona, the capital of the whole area, and they will stay there during the trip using the city as their base, halfway to all the festivals included in the program. Their home during the days of the trip will be one of the Girorooms apartments in the old town of Girona, one of the best-preserved Jewish Quarters in Europe.

The group of bloggers, a maximum of 6, will have two rental cars available so they can move around the area and visit the places they prefer. For the breakfasts and lunches they will be given a variety of food and different ingredients in order to cook several meals and have a balanced diet during their stay, based in local products.

Girorooms Apartments

Every night they will be having dinner in a place near the planned concert and then they will be able to meet the artist in some occasions and attend the concert. The bloggers will be able to attend concerts of all kind of genres, from classical music to pop and rock and local artists. Very diverse musicians are included in the project, such as Jonas Kaufmann, Pet Shop Boys, David Bisbal, James Blunt, the Orquesta Buenavista Social Club…

As a result of the trip the bloggers will be asked to produce different materials about their visits and the concerts, and whatever they feel like posting about. They will have to post their own content in their blog or any other platforms they collaborate with.

Any blogger interested in being part of this project can fill in the form and submit it with all the details included.

The Tourist Board will choose 2 bloggers from the PTBA that must be based in Europe before and after the trip in order for the Tourist Board to arrange the flight or train tickets for them.

To apply, please use the following form:

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