Paying Markets for Writing and Photography

For many of us, blogging doesn’t exactly pay the bills, at least not directly. But it is a great way to hone our skills to market elsewhere, whether it be writing, social media, or photography. Keep in mind that everyone has to start somewhere and it’s not likely you’ll land your first story or photograph […]

Hacks to Eliminate Bad Blog Posts

Let’s leave out the blogger versus journalist debate. It’s about as tired as the tourist versus traveler debate. But even if you don’t have a fancy degree from J-School or English isn’t your first language, there’s no excuse for poorly written blog posts. Not only is it painful for your readers, but it doesn’t look […]

uide to Sri Lanka by Royston Ellis

10 Tips for Touring Sri Lanka

If you’re planning to join us for the PTBA conference in Sri Lanka in November, British resident of Sri Lanka and author of The Bradt Travel Guide to Sri Lanka, Royston Ellis ( offers these tips. Arrival 1. Cut down on the amount of clothes you plan to take; lightweight cotton clothing and respectable shorts (but […]

How to Build, Distribute and Even Monetize your Ezine

Internet marketers repeat this as mantra: It’s all in the list. It’s all in the list. You’ve heard that before, right? They’ve been saying it since the days of (snail)mail order. The list they refer to is your treasured ezine mailing list, the one to which you send your newsletter or latest posts every month. […]

Why Every Blogger Needs a Blog Positioning Statement

I spoke at the TBEX Toronto event about the importance of travel bloggers having a blog positioning statement. The session resonated with a lot of bloggers, many of whom spoke to me afterwards asking for tips and have been in contact since the event. This article explores the topic further. The tool and technique is […]

What’s the Point in Learning to Write Better?

  • By Guest Author
  • July 3, 2013
  • Category Writing

Guest post by PTBA member Mike Sowden   Ask a journalist, a novelist or someone who makes a living from selling their words, and they’ll probably start by waving their hands around while frothing at the mouth. “But, but…?” they’ll gibber, as if you’re suggesting the world is flat or that fun should be taxed. […]