5 Money Making Techniques For Your Blog

Sometimes it seems like a far off dream. But let me reassure you there are plenty of people making money on their blogs. And here are 5 suggestions for you to make your move towards running your blog as a business. These methods are not based on AdSense or affiliate programs where you require hundreds […]

Why Using Traffic As A KPI Is Hurting Influencer Marketing Campaigns

By Matt Gibson Traffic is a terrible indicator of potential readership for a specific article. Its use for that purpose probably wastes millions of PR and marketing dollars each year.

What Travel Bloggers REALLY Charge

In an industry as new and secretive as ours it’s hard to gauge what and how travel bloggers charge for services. When you find someone willing to spill the beans it seems to be as different to the last person who gave up the information in a drunken night on a beach in Sri Lanka. In […]

#TBCAsia -- Professional Travel Bloggers Association Travel Industry Members Prospectus

Reasons for Travel Industry Members to Attend #TBCasia

Asia’s first ever Travel Blogger Conference will be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka from November 14 – 18, 2014. At TBCasia, travel industry members can expect to:  Network with some of the world’s leading travel bloggers and local industry representatives Understand the benefits of and learn how to effectively work with travel bloggers Learn strategies […]

PTBA Industry Member Spotlight: Naturaki

The PTBA would like to welcome one of our newest industry members — Naturaki. Naturaki specializes in holiday rental accommodation in the Costa Brava region of Spain. We asked Carme Vilà Pardàs about Naturaki’s reasons for joining the PTBA and about using our tool to connect with bloggers for a blog trip in the works for May 2015. […]

Message to Travel PRs: Stop the Press Releases Please

Guest post by PTBA President, Michael Hodson   In preparation for this post, I counted how many press releases I received in the last seven days – 31 of them. That seems about a typical week, give or take. And the chance that I am going to use any of them? Zero point zero percent. […]