About the PTBA:

The Professional Travel Bloggers Association is the culmination of the efforts of almost fifty travel bloggers. These travel bloggers banded together to formulate the initial policies, Bylaws, and guidelines that provide the framework of this organization as it moves forward.

Why Join?

The Professional Travel Bloggers Association (PTBA) is the only group of its kind that connects travel bloggers and storytellers with the travel industry. The PTBA has over 300 industry members and over 100 blogger members (full statistics available here) from all over the world. They follow a code of ethics to ensure that only professional bloggers can become members. The search engine provides a resource for both sides of the industry, allowing members to connect with a targeted blogger or destination for collaboration. We provide resources on our blog for members as well as benefits like discounted website themes and plugins. Members also have access to a private Facebook group and email newsletters and can gain opportunities speaking on behalf of the organization at industry conferences and events.

Requirements to Join

For travel bloggers: Bloggers must submit links to 10 pieces of travel content from the previous year, meet three of the seven criteria for professionalism, including other professional memberships, and pay an annual fee of $75. Full details of membership requirements can be viewed here.

For travel industry and PR members: There is no minimum statistical requirement. The fee for a group/company/DMO/organization that wants to join is $300 per year.  Note that the account is for the organization rather than the individual who signs up.


The members of the PTBA vote annually for Board of Directors and officers, all of whom are also travel blogger members. The Board of Directors and Officers are responsible for conducting the day-to-day business of the association on behalf of the members. The Board of Directors consists of the Officers (President, President-elect, Immediate Past-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and ten additional elected members of this organization, plus two non-voting, advisory members from the industry membership. Any dues paying member is eligible to be nominated for any elected office in the first election. More details can be seen in the Bylaws via this link.

The Bylaws of the Association are set up so as to ensure that there will be worldwide representation on the Board of Directors. There are ten members of the Board of Directors, each serving two-year terms. There are two (2) Board members each (for a total of 6 of the 10 Board members) from the following geographic areas: North America, Europe, and the rest of the world. The other four members have been elected as at-large members. The officers of the association, which consist of President, President-elect, Immediate Past-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and they each serve one-year terms.

Why Form a Professional Travel Bloggers Association?

Although travel blogging is a relatively new profession, it is one that is rapidly evolving and becoming more of a force in the travel and publishing communities. Having an association of dedicated members that want to help further the acceptance of the profession around the world will only serve to help the hundreds of travel bloggers out there carving out a profession in this new media world.


PTBA Code of Ethics

The Professional Travel Bloggers Association consists of travel bloggers from various career paths who come together for the purpose of furthering the profession of travel blogging.

We Strive for Accuracy. We strive to convey accurate, fair and honest information, making the difference between fact and opinion, and editorial and advertorial, clear across all social media channels. We correct factual errors when we become aware of them.

We Are Accountable. We exercise all due diligence before publishing material that could affect someone’s reputation or livelihood. We do not use anonymity to avoid accountability.

We Respect Intellectual Property. We do not plagiarize or knowingly accept plagiarism. We respect copyright and avoid action that is likely to infringe. We attribute quotes and link to original sources when possible.

We Are Civil. We strive to conduct ourselves with dignity and in a manner that that reflects well upon ourselves, this organization and the profession of travel blogging. We believe in freedom of speech and refrain from personal attacks and hate speech.

We Are Professional. We comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and rules concerning the prevention of unfair, deceptive or misleading advertising and marketing practices. If writing about something or someone we are financially connected to, or something that is given to us or offered at a deep discount because we are travel bloggers, we disclose those facts. We do not use our position as travel bloggers to pressure travel companies into working with us or discounting services to us.


PTBA Bylaws

The Bylaws of the Association are available here.