8 Questions Brands Should Ask Before Working with Couple Bloggers

Most bloggers work alone and run their own blog, typically traveling solo. They do of course often have a relationship partner and family, but they run their blog and business alone. But there are also a lot of couples travel bloggers out there as well as those traveling as siblings, parent-child duos, friends, or entire family units.

Is it better to work with a solo blogger or a couple travel blogger?

What unique things can a couple travel blogger offer?

What are the drawbacks of working with a travel blogging couple?

How can you figure out if they just want to bring their partner along for a free vacation?

If you are new to working with travel bloggers, you may wonder what the advantages and disadvantages can be with working with travel blogging couples and groups versus working with solo bloggers. This article will discuss some of the potential advantages and disadvantages as well as provide a set of questions that may be helpful for brands and companies deciding if they want to work with a particular blogger or not. This article will focus on couple travel bloggers in particular, but most of this information pertains to any set of bloggers (family, friends, couples) that are working together on a blog.

Tips for working with couple bloggersPotential Advantages and Disadvantages

There are both advantages and disadvantages to working with a couple travel bloggers versus solo bloggers. These are going to vary a bit based on the specific couple and project but in general:

Potential Advantages

Working with couple travel bloggers can have a number of advantages over solo bloggers, including saving money, increased content, and better blogger morale.

Cost savings

Hosting couple travel bloggers can save on things like accommodation and rental cars as a couple will share a room or a car versus two solo bloggers who are likely to want their own room and car. Couples may also be able to save money on things like train passes and sightseeing passes when deals exist compared to two solo bloggers.

Having a second person for interactive photos & video

A couple traveling together always has an extra set of hands compared to a solo blogger when it comes to taking photos or videos, and they don’t need to rely on the dreaded selfie stick. It also allows them to always put a person into the video or photo and make more interactive content which can be much more difficult for a solo blogger. The couple also has the ability to carry more equipment and assist each other in setting things up.

Two people can produce more content than one

In general, two people working together can produce more content than one, so you should be able to get more photos, posts, social media shares, etc. if you have two people working at it than one. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and with the right couple, you can have a pair that can produce various types of quality content during and after the project.

Keeping each other motivated and on project

A pair of bloggers working together can keep each other motivated and on task even when situations may get tough (e.g., weather, illness, missed connections). They have the advantage over solo bloggers as the pair has someone to rely on and talk over situations with on the road. This can make a big difference in morale and having two opinions can be much better than one.

Potential Disadvantages

Two bloggers is not always better than one. There are also some potential downsides to working with a travel blogging couple, including increases costs and increased work.

Paying for two people versus one

Whereas couples bloggers can save a company money, they can also cost the company more as they need twice as many meals, flights, and tickets.  

Paying more for the same content

Hiring couple travel bloggers can save you money as they can share many types of expenses, but if they are only producing the same (or less) as another solo blogger on the trip, you’ll end up paying more for the same amount of content.

Two sets of requests instead of one

Working with bloggers can be a great experience, but it can also become a logistical nightmare if the bloggers request or expect too much. Sometimes when working with couple bloggers, you may need to handle the requests and expectations of two people versus one, doubling the amount of attention that needs to be paid.  As with any blogger, it is always good to check on references and who they’ve worked with on past projects.

8 Questions to Ask when Considering Working with Couple Travel Bloggers

In most cases, the most important information you want to gather from couple travel bloggers is going to be the same as those you would gather from solo bloggers.

You’ll want to know things like:

  • Blog stats (e.g., monthy page views, monthly unique visitors)
  • How long they’ve been blogging (e.g., 9 months,  7 years)
  • Blog focus (e.g., budget travel, business travel)
  • Primary audience demographics for their blog (e.g., age and gender of their average readers? What countries are their readers from?)
  • Social media statistics (e.g., number of followers across accounts)
  • Social media demographics (e.g., where are their Facebook fans from?)
  • What companies/brands have they worked with in the past ?
  • What they are expecting from the trip (e.g., comped hotel and attraction pass for 1 day or a comped 6-day trip plus $2,000 fee)
  • What are they offering? (e.g., social media content, blog posts, photos, ebook)
  • Do they seem like easy/fun/professional people to work with?

But there are some addition questions you may want to answer when deciding if you want to work with a couple travel blogger, especially if you are used to only working with solo bloggers. Some of the answers you’ll be able to get directly from the bloggers, but some questions you’ll need to answer on your own.

Questions to ask Bloggers Directly

Does the couple offer one blog or two blogs?

This is an important question as whereas most couple travel bloggers write one blog together some have two separate blogs. Offering two travel blogs can make a travel couple blogging couple much more valuable, especially since they are less costly to host than two solo bloggers. However, just because a couple has two blogs, be sure to check the stats and quality of the content on both blogs. Some couples have been known to simply start a second blog to be able to travel together and one might be quite obviously a “secondary blog” with little traffic or influence. Some couple travel bloggers offer not only two blogs, but two separate sets of social media accounts. Again two sets of social media accounts are potentially much more valuable; however, be sure to make sure all the accounts are active and check their stats.

What does the couple expect for compensation?

Often couple travel bloggers will ask for the same compensation or in kind services as a solo blogger, but in some cases they may ask for more or less. A couple may also be more willing to pay for their own travel arrangements or half of the travel arrangements to be a part of a trip that is only willing to host or pay for one blogger.

If you can’t host two people, is a member of the couple willing to consider traveling solo?  

If you are not looking to host two bloggers, many couple travel bloggers (and family travel bloggers) will often send one blogger travel solo to go on press trips or do projects that are only willing to host one blogger. However, there are some couples who only travel together and don’t take any projects separately.  In that case, you’ll have to decide if they are a good enough fit and offer enough value to invite on the trip.

What unique aspect or content do both bloggers bring to the project?

If you are on the fence about working with a particular couple, ask them what they each contribute to the project and why they both need to be on the trip? See if the responses make sense. Perhaps one is the writer and one is the photographer or videographer. Perhaps one is working on a story that will promote a hotel as a romantic weekend destination and the other is writing about the local wildlife sightseeing possibilities nearby. Perhaps they want to do a romantically focused  article with lots of couples content. Then decide if this aligns with the project.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Do both bloggers of the couple seem to be equally invested in the travel blog?  

Take a look at the couple’s blog and social media channels and see if both members of the couple seem to be putting time and effort into the blog. In many cases both members of a travel blogging couple are working on the blog, but in some cases you may find one does all the work while the other comes along for essentially a free vacation. Does the blog seem like it is written by both bloggers? Did you find out one has a full time job as an accountant or wedding photographer while the spouse seems to do all the work? Do a little homework to prevent inviting a couple where one partner is simply there for a holiday.

How does the couple’s statistics compare to solo bloggers working on the project?  

As noted, some couples have one blog and set of social media channels and some have two blogs and may also have a second set of media channels.  Think about what the couple is offering compared to solo bloggers you may be considering. What strengths and weaknesses do they have? How do they rate in the areas of most interest to the project? For instance if you are most interested in Facebook promotion and blog posts on your current project, how do the bloggers compare on these two aspects.

Does the couple warrant the expense?

Couples can both save money (accommodation, rental cars) or cost extra (two sets of flights, tickets, and meals) depending on the circumstances.  Will working with the couple save you money? Are they more costly than a solo blogger? What about two solo bloggers? Do they justify the expense?

Is having a travel blogging couple a good fit for the project?

There are some cases when couple travel bloggers are going to be the best fit for a project. For instance if you are promoting a romantic destination, a resort that caters to honeymooners, or an experience that is generally booked by couples, it is going to make a lot more sense to host couple travel bloggers versus solo bloggers. Couples can provide that authentic experience and produce better content than a solo blogger trying to promote a honeymoon destination. They are also going to be able to have more interactive content. However, if your goal is to promote coffee shops in a city or best places to visit for business travelers, having a couple may make less sense or add little extra value.

Working with a travel blogging couple can be a great experience and couples can produce unique and interactive content for a brand and even potentially save the company money. However, brands do need to consider potential increased costs or work on their end as well. Considering the above questions should help a brand decide if working with couples travel bloggers is right for them.

Jessica Norah is a travel blogger at Independent Travel Cats, where she writes about couples travel, luxury travel, and in-depth travel guides.  She is one half of a popular travel blogging couple with her husband Laurence Norah who blogs at Finding the Universe. The American-British travel blogging couple are currently living and blogging together in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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