5 Places To Find A Press Trip

If you are a travel blogger, chances are at some stage in your career you will be looking for a “comp” or group press trip.


But before you start looking for a press trip, let’s figure out what we mean by press trip for the purposes of this article.


What is a press trip?

A press trip is a method for a brand or destination to get positive publicity. The brand or destination invests time and money to bring you for a visit and in return you provide a story to your followers on the experience. A press trip can also go by names like “Fam”, which stands for familiarization trip or media visit. Some trips will offer payment on top of your expenses being covered for you to provide certain deliverables, other trips will not.

Explore With Erin on a press trip in Anguilla

How is a press trip organised?

Usually there are two ways to attend a press trip. You can organise your own individual trip or attend a planned group trip. In a group trip you will work hard. The itinerary will usually include activities planned from 8am to 10pm at night, 7 days a week. The itinerary is organised in advance and covers your meals, accommodations, attractions and transport arrangements.

You may likely be flown in to the destination, then escorted to your hotel and provided your schedule. The up side is that everything is taken care of. The downside is you rarely receive free time and you also may endure feelings of being herded from place to place, without much opportunity to stop and experience.

On an individual trip you usually contact the destination, brand or PR agent to set up your own arrangements. This can include anything from flights to meals to activities and accommodations. The up-front work can be time consuming, but generally you get to run your own itinerary when on the trip and experience only the places you are interested in.

Where do you find them?


Below are five places you can use to start your search for a press trip.


  1. Search Google

This shouldn’t be a surprise, but if you Google “Press Trip” you will already start seeing multiple ones come up.

Furthermore, if you are looking for something more specific, you may also find an easy Google search works. For example, Google “Press Trip Luxembourg”.

  1. Join A Facebook Group

There are multiple blogging groups that share press trip information from people looking to have bloggers in attendance.

One of the more advanced groups is the Travel Press Trips group. It has an application process to gain entry, but once in you can see plenty of openings to apply for advertised press trips. Plus, on top of that you have the opportunity to ask fellow members for help finding contacts for places you may be heading to, saving a bucket load of time.

  1. Attend A Conference

Most conferences include an opportunity for bloggers to interact with Marketing representatives and mingle with PR firms who provide press trip opportunities. Sometimes you will receive an invitation then and there, sometimes it may take months for the magic dust to hit your inbox.

TMS (Travel Media Showcase) does an excellent job at providing these opportunities in the North America. WTM (World Travel Market) in Europe/Africa & Middle East and PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) in Asia. There are so many to choose from, check out what’s happening in an area near you.


Explore With Erin on TBEX Post Tour in Galway, Ireland


  1. Join An Organisation

There are several organisations that are attempting to help brands find suitable bloggers and if you are a member your chances are a lot higher.

The PTBA (Professional Travel Bloggers Association) has had several trips throughout Asia that have been a whole lot of fun.


PTBA TBCAsia Press Trip


You could also find trips on Blogger Bridge and TravMedia.


If you are looking for individual contacts for places you may want join the ITWA (International Travel Writer’s Alliance) newsletter. Every month in newsletter form they provide real contacts for great destinations.


  1. Contact A DMO or PR Firm

Get ready to do some leg work for this one. Reach out to local PR firms in your area and ask them to place you on their media list. You will receive a lot of press releases and some irrelevant information, but you may also just get that magical invitation to a press trip.

Likewise reach out to the Destination Marketing Organization of your choice to organise your own individual press trip.



 Explore With Erin on Visit Florida Press Trip

This list is by no means exhaustive. There are so many ways to find a sponsor for your trip or to get on those elusive invitation lists with a little research and determination.


If you dare, tell us the best places you’ve found contacts or press trip invitations?


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