5 Money Making Techniques For Your Blog

Sometimes it seems like a far off dream. But let me reassure you there are plenty of people making money on their blogs. And here are 5 suggestions for you to make your move towards running your blog as a business.

These methods are not based on AdSense or affiliate programs where you require hundreds of thousands of visitors. No, the methods below are all based around the monetisation of your audience. Your decent sized, but more importantly relevant audience. The audience which makes you a valuable Influencer.

  1. Content Creation: Writing For A Brand

Whether it’s freelance writing, expert guides, Facebook posts or video blogging, content creation comes in many shapes and sizes. And it is a great way to bring in an income. For instance, a free famil will not only provide fresh new content for your own blog, but several unique experiences for you to take it a step further.

Use that famil to reach out to your branded partner to see if they would be interested in valuable paid content for their own site, plus any other brands involved in the trip. Consider also using the same trip to reach out to magazines, tourism boards, etc.


  1. Product Reviews: Honesty For A Brand

Remember when being paid for a product review you are asking payment for the exposure you are providing to their product or service, not for your gushing assessment.

If you love a product, consider accepting a paid product review. Do make your life easy though by choosing something you already know or think you will love and be honest. Let the brand know of any complications or negatives upfront and offer to publish any responses alongside the negatives you’re highlighting.

When determining whether to charge for a product review consider maintaining a minimum value threshold and if the item value is under that amount then don’t be afraid to ask for payment. Remember how much work it took to grow your social media following and the time it takes to write an article before accepting your next $40 bluetooth speaker.


  1. Competitions: Giveaways For A Brand

Competitions are a smart way to generate new social followers and reward your readers. However, giveaways do take a lot of time to set up and promote. And this is time you should be paid for.

Similar to product reviews, consider setting a minimum payment threshold for the items a brand desires you to give away and if it is not met, ask for payment. Remember the brand has approached you, because they want to reach your audience that you have worked so hard to build. Don’t feel like it’s worth anything less than what you are asking.


  1. Photography: Offering Images To A Brand

Most brands are in constant need of high quality photography of their product, service or destination, and your offer can make their life easier. Also a great consideration if your forte is in video.

Not everyone can take this road, however if you are a keen photographer then consider offering a brand a fixed package upfront or start with a few free photos to wet their appetite. Then after the trip (or work) when they are absolutely in love with your work and can’t decide on the 2 free images make an offer for a valuable paid package (which they might not have accepted initially).

This is another great way to make the most from a free famil or perhaps a product review / give away.


  1. Brand Ambassador: Long Term Relationships With A Brand

A brand ambassador role can encompass many tasks, but the main task is to promote the brand you’ve partnered with. To do this you want a product or service you believe in, and that fits your audience. The ambassadorship may fall straight into your lap, but many follow a course of progression, sometimes for several years.

Brand Ambassadorship tasks vary but can include (but certainly not limited to) content creation for their site, mentions in your own blog posts, social media promotion, competitions, event attendance, speaking gigs and more. Some ambassadorships are in exchange for products, others may generate a monetary compensation. Each arrangement is unique and requires negotiation to achieve a win-win situation.


I hope this gives you several new ideas to start generating income on your blog and making your valuable asset a true business. But we’d love to hear from you.

What ways are you making money from your blog?


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