Photoshop? Lightroom? Or Both?

Sometimes words can only tell half the story. Photos are an essential tool in any blogger’s toolbelt, but shouldn’t just end when the shutter is clicked. Post processing is an essential part of making your photos stand out – even basic adjustments can make a big difference. Popular processing programs are Lightroom and Photoshop, and […]

Driving Traffic to Your Travel Blog

Guest post by Matthew Barby of Melted Stories.   Since the start of the year I’ve been running my travel blog, Melted Stories. The project started when some friends and I went travelling around East Asia, so we wanted to have a place to share our stories. Since then, the blog has evolved a great […]

Links You Need – December

Every month, we’ll be scouring the web to bring you articles on all things blogging! Watch this space as we highlight new developments and share old tips that are always worthy of repeating.   Have you started making travel plans for 2014? Are any of your plans geared towards “conspicuous leisure” or “multigenerational travel”? If […]

World Travel Market Followup

World Travel Market (WTM) in London was a great success on a number of fronts.  The PTBA partnered up with TBU to allow us to have a representative speak on a couple of the blogging panels there. Board member Laurel Robbins spoke on Finding the Right Travel Blogger for your Brand and Sales and Marketing Tools for Travel Bloggers. She did […]

Why do travel brands curate content and why should travel bloggers care?

Article by guest author Matthew Barker who is a co-founder of As professional bloggers, PTBA members will already be well attuned to the rise of content curation as part of  digital marketing strategies. Travel brands, tourism boards and other travel organisations are very interested in finding relevant content and then sharing it with their audiences. […]